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PestControlRaleigh | Cary bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating - Part 2

Raleigh Bids Farewell To The “Macho Man” Randy Savage And His Slim Jims

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News spread over the internet Friday morning of the passing of World Wrestling Federation superstar and legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Known for his distinct “Oh Yeah!” catchphrase, Savage was one of the most storied and glorified icons in the history of professional wrestling.  From his historic bouts with Ted Dibiase and Hulk Hogan to his ringside marriage to Miss Elizabeth in the Match Made In Heaven, Savage is well to be considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Reports indicated that Savage was driving his jeep early Friday morning in Tampa, FL when he apparently suffered a heart attack and veered off the road and directly into a tree.  He was pronounced dead a short time later at Largo Medical Center.

While this news is saddening and tragic, the residents of the Raleigh, NC, area will be affected in a peculiar way beyond Savage’s death.

This same Friday also marks the last day ConAgra Foods will be producing their famous Slim Jim products from their plant in Garner, NC. ConAgra Foods will be moving their manufacturing operations from Jones Sausage Rd. to Troy, OH after more than 40 years of residing in Garner.  While there is supposedly a line of buyers for the soon-to-be vacant lot, about 200 employees will be temporarily out of a job.

The connection?

If you don’t remember watching Randy Savage coming in off the top ropes in the ring, then you might recognize him in millions of gas stations around the country, endorsing ConAgra’s Slim Jim.

As Savage’s career ended, his “Oh yeah!” soon turned into “SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!!”.

In the mid-90s, Savage became the face of Slim Jim products with his wild and boisterous commercials.  He promised that your boring and dull life would be instantly brought to life with the big, juicy flavors of a Slim Jim.

No one can explain the occurrence of these two events happening on the same day as nothing more than pure coincidence. The world may have lost a wresting legend, but our neighbors in Garner have also lost a piece of the city. And as wrestlers who lose but live to fight another day, so too will Garner continue to fight the good fight.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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The Bulwark family would like to send the very best of wishes to you and your family this holiday season. We hope you make great memories with those you love as you prepare for the new year, with new beginnings.

Japan’s Eel-tide Christmas

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Do you all have that favorite holiday event you attend every year?  Maybe it’s a family tradition.  Maybe it’s something to do with the kids.  Well next time you’re in Japan for the holidays, be sure to check out the electric eel-powered Christmas tree, the stomp pad-powered Santa, and wine glass Christmas tree of jellyfish.

I mean, how often do you get to see a swimming eel pump 800 watts of power into a string of light bulbs?

Read more at Gizmodo.com

Black Widow Spider

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BlackWidow Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Black Widow Spider

The first Annual #YouMightBeSMchallenged Series

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Here’s a recap of yesterdays #YouMightBeSMchallenged twitter stream…

You might be social media challenged if:

01. If more than half of your ‘OH’s are your own quotes.
02. If you just asked what OH is
03. If you have never seen the Twitter Whale
04. If you utter the words “I don’t get Twitter.”
05. If you post a link to your “How to make millions online” in every post.
06. If you can’t recognize IRL over 90% of those you follow/friend.
07. If you just had to ask what IRL meant… (in real life) LOL!!! =)
08. If you’ve never been #ff … (try saying that aloud …pound FF’d )
09. If you you check in to “Thunder Down Under” on #4SQ in Vegas cc: @abbygilmore

At this point, @Thos003 got caught: @soyculto: Heyyy! You’re cheating! You’ve prepared your #YouMightBeSMchallenged tweet (I saw you are using twaitter client)

Busted! But he kept pressing on…

10. If you retweeted the #Pubcon thread just to gain more followers. #Guilty
11. If you #ff all 5 of your followers each and every #FridayFollow
12. If those 5 followers you #ff are all spam accounts then
13. If most of your tweets are about food.
14. If you’ve never received a like on FaceBook.
15. If you hate anytime someone tweets about food!
16. If you don’t know what an Adventurer badge is.
17. If you have more foursquare badges than followers.
18. If you think being the mayor of your Multi-Level Marketing #MLM group is going to help your cause.
19. If you pay for twitter followers.
20. If you present a #SEO/#SEM conference and don’t add your twitter handle to your slides.
21. If you skip eating lunch with real people to play on twitter
22. If you feel an anxiety attack after a day without your Twitter account
23. If you tweet at red lights.
24. If you are a dog tweeting via an electronic collar http://blwrk.us/bJiQkw
25. If you don’t use some automation
26. If you utter the words ‘how do I manually update my Twitter status?”
27. If all your tweets are planned out a day or two in advanced #twaiter
28. If you take time to blog about twitter being down… http://t.co/kTt6ufD
29. If you don’t pay attention to the platform tweets are coming from #twaiter #paperli
30. If you find this stream funny & have spent the last hour trying to think of something super witty to add.
31. If you are checking in from the “Middle Of The Woods” http://4sq.com/bSZ1yK
32. If you are the mayor of a location you’ve never visited IRL.
33. If you are the mayor of “4th Floor Men’s Room” cc: @RyanJones
34. If stole the Mayorship of “4th Floor Men’s Room” from @RyanJones
35. If you dumped your date via twitter.
36. If you got dumped via twitter.
37. If you ask your whole office for help to add something to this thread… and nothing.
38. If you are a hotel business that answers your twitter account faster than you answer your phone.
39. If you tweet in blocks of 5
40. If you tweet in blocks of 5. … twitter wouldn’t let me say that again…
41. If you tweet in blocks of 5. …whoops! You already said that…
42. If you tweet in blocks of 5……….
43. If you get caught doing a Miley Cyrus dance on youtube
44. if you think your black widow spider videos are going to go viral… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPLk__KEapQ
45. If you auto followed me from a #YouMightBeSMchallenged tweet.
46. If you are not a member of the SEODojo
47. If you’ve never attended #Pubcon
48. If haven’t heard of #BlueGlassFL
49. If over half of your tweets are famous/inspirational/daily quotes.

Here are some great contributions to the thread.
If you have Foursquare setup to tweet every single check-in you make
You tried to figure out how to autoplay music on your FB profile to make it more like MySpace
if you call yourself a Guru in your Twitter profile
if you think Twitter is a game to see who can get the most followers

if you do not monitor your activity
if you believe people will #engage you only because you’re on #Facebook or #Twitter
if you narrow #SocialMedia to #Facebook
if you are on a #socialmedia without a plan
if you think that #SM stands for some deviant intimate practices
if you think you’re too good to respond to a comment or a tweet
if you think #engage has only a military connotation @briansolis
You think #SocialMedia is more about Media than about Social
if you only add a facebook widget on your blogger blog
if you are happy having a 200 likes on an flat line activity fanbook page
You calculate your #socialMedia #ROI considering the number of follower as the main variable
#if #you #tweet #more #hashtags #than #valuable #info
If your avatar on twitter shows an egg
if you haven’ty unlocked the Aventurer (10 checkin) badge
your #facebook wall, your #twitter timelime , your #friendFeed and your #Buzz are showing the exactly same info?
if you spend more time on #SocialMedia than on your customer paying projects
if you think #SocialMedia #Automation is the key to success

If you think Twitter is a sex position (nice Mike. nice.)
If you have more likes than friends on Facebook
If you still participate in #FF
If you have called #FF: “Friday Follow”
If your job title is Marketing Specialist

Tune in next year.  Same Bat time.  Same Bat channel.

Bulwark Pest Control has a Happy Customer!

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“The last tech that serviced our home was fantastic!!!”

Bill A.

Bulwark Pest Control Customer Review

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Read this Bulwark Pest Control Customer Review!

Steven was the tech for my initial service, and we subsequently had a followup with John to spray the top floor. Both service people were on time, and professional.?

Thank you for writing a Bulwark Pest Control customer review and thank you John for being an efficient technician!

Call Bulwark Exterminating today!


Bulwark Pest Control 10207 Chapel Hill Rd, Ste B Morrisville, NC 27560

Spider Control Video!

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Spider Control Video! Adam the Spider Guru explains Black Widow Spider Webs!

Raleigh Ant Control Video!

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Raleigh Ant Control Video! Call Bulwark Exterminating today!

Pest Control Raleigh NC – Bulwark Exterminating Customer Review

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Pest Control Raleigh NC – Bulwark Exterminating Customer Review

Thomas Gilchrist came to our house on June 24th 2009. Not only was he the most pleasent technition I have ever met!, he was great with our dogs. Saying hello to them and kindly keeping them away from the areas he was working on. We have since seen no ants or other bugs for that matter alive in the house since that day. My roomate and I would like to give Thomas 5 STARS for service, friendless and overall workmanship. And to Bulwark for getting him out to us on the same day we called. That is totally unherd of for Las Vegas. We will recomend your company to everyone who has a pest control problem. icon smile Pest Control Raleigh NC   Bulwark Exterminating Customer Review Thank You, Lisa and Elaine?

Thank you for writing a review about Bulwark Exterminating and also to Thomas Gilchrist for being a hard worker.

Call Pest Control Raleigh, NC Exterminators today! Bulwark Exterminating


Bulwark Exterminating 10207 Chapel Hill Rd, Ste B Morrisville, NC 27560

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