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Move Over Search and Rescue Dogs—Make Way For First-Response Roaches

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The Good News About Roaches

Researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC hope cockroaches can be put to good use, saving lives in disasters like earthquakes, fires and chemical attacks. These pests are being outfitted with tiny microchips that act as sensors, and are guided around by using low frequency electrical pulses that the insects can pick up with their antenna. A video released by the University shows the roaches being guided along curved lines drawn by the researchers. The roaches are self powered, kind of like riding a horse. As long as you feed the roach the electrical impulses, it will keep going.

Researchers anticipate that these tiny but strong roaches will be able to maneuver their way around ruble and fallen debris, after the act of a natural disaster, and find trapped victims. They hope to outfit the roaches with tiny microphones and video cameras as well, in order to better locate potential victims. Researchers at the University think that their work could make a huge difference after disasters in densely populated urban areas.

The research team is using the Madagascar hissing cockroach, one of the world’s largest species of roach. They can grow to be up to three inches long, but they are still small enough to maneuver between the fallen debris.

Now The Bad News About Roaches

It’s intriguing to see all the amazing things the insect world can do for us. For every account of them benefitting our society, there are thousands of more detrimental accounts. Roaches pose a serious health risk. They leave behind feces and saliva that have the capability of spreading 33 different types of bacteria. Cockroaches also have allergen proteins that have can cause severe allergic and asthmatic reactions. In addition, cockroaches are hosts of six parasitic worms and several human pathogens. Sadly, children and elderly can even die from the allergens that cockroaches carry.

If you are living in the Raleigh-Durham area, and have been seeing cockroaches inside your home, contract a pest control professional today. Don’t put your health at risk–Let’s let the researchers at NC State University find better uses for them.

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